Reflection: Then vs Now – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
Self-reflection is a review, or moderation of your past ‘work’ that you have conducted on yourself and acknowledging what works for you versus what does not.
Published on September 27, 2021
published on September 27, 2021


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Self-reflection: Then versus now


Hello and welcome back!

We begin today by reflecting on reflection itself.

Question 1: Should you believe your reflection in the mirror? 

Of course not.

Question 2: Why not?

A positive body image has nothing to do with how we look. Or our size. Or the wrinkles on our faces for that matter.

It has all got to do with how we think and feel about ourselves, internally.

Whilst body image is a part of it, self-image, is not innate or inherited. It is acquired.

Likewise, self-reflection is so much more than what you see in the mirror each day.

Through self-reflection, we look at our past – whether you wish to reflect as far as years ago, or even yesterday; self-reflection has no time limit.

In looking at our past, we must do so consciously, and more importantly, with an understanding that we have a goal or dream to achieve, and how far along we are in achieving that goal or dream.

Self-reflection is a review, or moderation of your past ‘work’ that you have conducted on yourself and acknowledging what works for you versus what does not.



Do not dwell on despair 



We, as humans, are negatively biased. We remember the bad much more than we remember the good.

Why the negative bias? It is an innate bodily response that goes as far back as the advent of modern civilisation.

So, if we go back into the history of humanity, when mankind hunted for food, a negative bias was fundamental to survival. Looking at a big cat, whether it be a lion, tiger, panther, etc., the first thought is often one of wonder – the majestic built and beauty of the beast.

Secondly, beyond that wonder is trepidation. That cat can kill, can maim, can slaughter. If not for the negative bias, mankind would have seized to exist simply by dwelling on just wonder. For more on this, check out this site.

Unfortunately, though, that negative bias comes through in most facets of our lives – and self-reflection is not about re-experiencing negative situations, but rather taking a different look at those moments and understanding the changes we must make in our lives presently to ensure that we continue onwards towards positivity and a ceiling smashing future.

Do not dwell on what has since passed – no, live and let live, for now, and for your future.

Remember that you are the author of your book of life – simply review and take the lessons from your past chapters then begin this new chapter on a fresh page.

Until next time x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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