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remember who you are
Published on March 29, 2022
published on March 29, 2022

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Hello there, welcome back.

Yesterday’s blog sparked some controversy. Understandably. To be clear, I got nothing against celebrating women or Women’s History Month. Or International Women’s Day for that matter. However, I do not think it should be confined to one month or one day per year. History belongs to all of us, men and women of every colour, race, nationality, creed and sexual inclination. We ALL contribute. And everyone’s contribution recognised. All the time. We don’t celebrate Men’s History Month, do we? Or International Men’s Day? Because there’s no need. And there shouldn’t be any need to do so with women once a year either.

But more so, the purpose for me was to celebrate what makes women unique and special: our feminine self as fully-embodied women. This fully-embodied woman lives inside every one of us women. It is our true strength.

Being an Embodied Feminine woman means:

  • being open and surrendering to the energy/life force that moves us all
  • allowing all the different energies, feelings, experiences, and phases of life to move through her naturally.

And experience the FULL expression of who we are—saying “Yes!” to life in its entirety (and living to the fullest!). The Embodied Feminine is comfortable in her body, sensuality, heart, emotions, mind, thoughts, spirit and soul. She EMBRACES ALL of herself, ready to live an awakened, alert, full-on life! Isn’t this worth celebrating and practising?

I think so …

So, remember who you are, it is inside of you.


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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Laura xxx

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