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Resilience: The Art of Letting Go- Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
August 6, 2021

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Hello everyone! Another day, another exciting nugget for your journey towards change!


As a ‘Change Catalyst,’ it is my duty, my mission, and my purpose to take what is, and turn it into something else. To mould you into something else, that being a better, faster, sharper version of yourself. And I am, in no way saying that you’re not incredible as you are. Letting go will show you just that.


It is just that sometimes life casts a shadow upon us, myself included, and dims our sparkle.


Sometimes, we cast our own shadows and in silencing our own critics, we are in need of some ‘Immersion Time’.


I have recently come across a statement which said something to the effect of ‘your moment to shine’ and that got me thinking.  We don’t need to just shine for a moment – not when we can step out of the shadows of patriarchy and embrace the sunlight entirely. We don’t deserve ‘just a moment.’ We deserve so much more.


By focusing on our self-image we can prepare for whatever is to come.


Some battles, though, are more difficult than others. And that is where this post fits in. We need to know when to let go.


Step out of your shadow


Your shade could be a skyscraper directly in front of you. Whilst it is possible to break it down, it comes with a lot of effort when the smart choice will be to side-step the building and continue your path without even sparing it a glance.


Unlike that building, you’re not rooted to the spot. You can choose – no matter what the system may say, and thus make choices in your best interests.


Whilst resilience is about bouncing back, you must be able to let some things go. Especially when your interests, and more importantly, your time is needed elsewhere.


In this ego-centric, dog-eat-dog world, we will always face challenges. We need to learn to be our best selves even when faced with adversity.


Choosing your battles is a skill that we learn through change management courses, and, like all great lessons, it isn’t an easy one.


Letting go does not mean that you are weak 


Backing down from a fight you know isn’t worth depleting yourself over is NOT a weakness, it is wisdom. Even resilience has its limits. And even though I will always be in your corner, no matter your decision, I do feel that sometimes it is better to cut your losses and know when to walk away.


You know that I am passionate about being real and authentic. Remember that even if we feel that we are right, in some situations, it is best to graciously step away from an argument that won’t lead to a beneficial ending.


I am guilty of this too. However, a wise saying from the philosopher Epictetus springs to mind: “We are blessed with two ears and one mouth. That is why we should listen more and talk less.”

Like you, I am also on a learning journey – and every day is a lesson as much for me as it is for you.


Today’s lesson is a simple one: Let go and march on!


Until next time!


See you soon x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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