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Published on May 31, 2022
published on May 31, 2022

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Hello again,

How did you do yesterday in recording your moment of happiness? I bet you found many things to be happy about that you hadn’t noticed before. Happiness is happiness, micro or macro moments. They all count, and they all stack up. And the more you pay attention, the more you’ll realise how many opportunities you have to be happy.




So why not apply the same principle to recognising all the little (or big) things that the people around you do that make you happy? It can be daily things that your coworkers do that make your day. Or the one-off thing. Pay attention to people and their actions. And then recognise them (both people and their actions) and show your appreciation. You can do this with family, friends, the stranger you meet on public transport, the server at Starbuck(or any other place), and so on.

Appreciation is a step further than gratitude; it builds bridges between people, is specific and evokes positive feelings. Plus, you brighten someone’s day.

And guess what? The more you appreciate people for specific things, the more they will continue to carry out those actions and perhaps do even more. Because they know and feel what they are doing is appreciated. In return, your day will be better/happier too. It’s a win-win.

Go on, make someone happy today …

See you tomorrow  x



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Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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