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BE YOUR BEST SELF - start counting the ways
Published on June 30, 2021
published on June 30, 2021

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So, how do I love me? We have defined the ways, now let’s start counting the ways.

Moving beyond Self-acceptance and Self-appreciation into the-I-love-you-no-matter-what kind of love is the next step in the journey.

We talked yesterday about defining our language of love. This is useful to both understand/improve any relationship we have with people really, being work and/or personal. But most importantly, to understand how to love ourselves.

To recap to move beyond Self-appreciation we first need to define what makes us feel loved. Love is a language and we need to understand how we communicate in this language to be proficient in it. Being with others or with ourselves. Do we need to hear “I love you” (or whatever else) or do we need someone to show us love with gestures? What makes us feel loved, REALLY?

Now that we do know (did you stop and take some time to think about it? Non, then stop now and do that).




Ok, now you should know what makes you feel loved. I don’t know if this was one of those light bulb moments for you or you kind of knew but didn’t pay much attention to it.

Whatever the case, the important thing now is to start using this knowledge and incorporate it into your routines, every day to grow your Self-appreciation deeper.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if you know for example that you like to hear the words I love you, or words of appreciation then, when it comes to your morning or evening routine and developing habits to grow and deepen Self-appreciation, you might want to use affirmations. Both you affirming out aloud and listening to affirmations on tape/audio.

If you, on the other hand, feel loved by receiving gifts, then make sure that you show yourself some love with little (or big) gifts for yourself regularly – a candle, flowers, whatever you like.

Speak your language of love to yourself. Use it as either a habit or positive reinforcement or both. But use it to your advantage.

And then stack them up when you need an extra boost or at regular intervals, like on a date night with yourself.

Start counting the ways to love yourself, and keep counting …


See you tomorrow  x






“Empowering Women” by Louise Hay.

This book aims to help all women experience and take ownership of their self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and rightful, powerful place in the world.

Here Hay encourages each and every one of us to consciously shift our internal ground so we can embrace progress in ways both big and small beyond the standards that have traditionally defined and limited us. I personally love it!

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Change starts from within; that’s why training your consciousness should be your Priority Numero 1 – a daily practice to silence your inner critic.


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Laura Mariani

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