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Published on August 23, 2022
published on August 23, 2022

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Hello again, and welcome back.

Last week, I talked about singlehood and different aspects of it: I touched up the feminist angle and doing what works for you, challenging your preconceptions about being single and meeting your present needs every day and taking yourself on a date. Yesterday I added being your own happy plus one at weddings and family events and relishing in your freedom to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want and with whomever you want.

Today I want to continue with that theme and apply it to solo travelling.

How do you feel being a solo traveller? I love doing what I like, when I like, and I touched on the subject in a previous blog; click here to read. Having said that, not everybody does. Especially with foreign travel. Obviously, there is the issue of language (depending on where you go) of safety, especially as a woman travelling alone. I’d like to reiterate one more time that I write my blog as a woman, from the point of view of a woman, for the benefit of other women. So apologies if you are a man and stumble upon this blog and think it doesn’t apply to you. You can always leave a comment about solo travelling from a man’s perspective ;-).

If you are recently single, or you want to on a holiday but have never been one on your own, why not start with your backyard?




What I mean by starting with your backyard is simply a staycation. There are plenty of beautiful places to go, see, and experience in the United Kingdom ( or, I’m sure, in whatever country you are reading from).

The familiarity with the language and culture goes in your favour to diminish the uncertainty. A least a bit. You could do what I do and try to match the going away with something special I’d like to see or experience (like a food festival, an exhibition and so on). That occupies some of the time away to make you feel more comfortable.

I love going away on my own and doing things on my own. Being super active or super lazy, change plans at the last minute according to my mood or inspiration or not have a plan. I like to see where the experience takes me. Get down with the locals and pursue my interests. A totally selfish time devoted to me and my interests. I cannot think of anything better.

Get to know you and do what you like. Life can be wonderful, alone or not.

See you tomorrow x


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Laura Mariani

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