Finance and money have always been difficult topics – we don’t speak about our earnings. Our salaries are kept private.
What does money mean to you? – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
October 4, 2021

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Hi everyone!

Don’t you just love the crispness in the air, the slight variations in temperature, the change of colours in the leaves – as we transition through the season, harvest time is almost upon us.

This month brings forth many changes, not just physical as mentioned in our previous blog, but also financial.

In light of the financial focus of October, in our ‘Be Your Best Self’ series, we should take a moment to consider our financial independence and our financial self-image.

So, what does money mean to you?


The taboo of talking about money 


Finance and money have always been difficult topics – we don’t speak about our earnings. Our salaries are kept private, and we are proud to state when we find bargains, but not so open about the moments that we pay too much for something.

All of which stems from our environment and our upbringing regarding money, and finance, in general. We have placed a taboo on the very aspect that is essential to our livelihood.

Forbes speaks about exactly this in this article here.

In this post, I am telling you that having a positive financial self-image is as vital as having a positive body image.

Financial independence comes from financial acceptance – and whilst the thought of winning the lottery is, indeed, quite the fantasy, the reality is that we do have to work for what we want.

However, working hard and working smart is a lengthy topic for another day.

For today, I want to leave you with a few questions to bounce around your thinking space, they are:

  1. Are you happy with your financial situation?
  2. Do you want to change this situation?
  3. What kind of financial situation is perfect for you?


We will, of course, within this month, revisit this post and I will share a few tips and tricks on attaining financial independence and creating a lasting positive self-image.

I will also tackle a few of the money taboos that hold us back.


Stay tuned x




Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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