Masculine And Feminine Energy Together Create A Whole. When Two Polarities Merge, Magic Happens! – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
when two polarities merge
Published on March 11, 2022
published on March 11, 2022

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Hello there and Happy Friday!

This week we have talked so far about celebrating what makes women different from men and being a fully embodied woman, the Sacred Feminine and Awakening to our Truest selves as women. We also talked about coming to terms with being vulnerable ( or at least I have come to terms with it) and the Little Girl inside you, me and every woman.

You can say that feeling needy is an aspect of the “Little Girl” archetype that we all have within us. While innocent, precious, and pure, the Little Girl within us can also be needed when she’s living in fear.

“Neediness” is felt especially when we’re not living in our Full, Conscious Whole Self. BUT, it becomes an issue when we look to another person or “thing” to make us feel Whole again.

Looking for your sense of completion “out there” in the end makes us feel worse. And resentful. In the proper context, vulnerability gives you strength: don’t silence the little girl inside of you; embrace it instead. And then, with conscious awareness to them, return to the wholeness that we are, a Fully Embodied Women.




Where there is Feminine, there is always Masculine.
The Masculine essence represents awareness whilst the Feminine nature means the motion and fullness of Life.
When the two come together (when the two polarities merge), we have Life as the True Best & Highest Self.

In our wholeness as Fully-Embodied, Feminine Women, we are BOTH Masculine and Feminine, accessing both ranges of energy (just because you’re a woman does not mean you’re only.
By accessing and observing the masculine energies and forces within yourself, you’ll feel more powerful, whole and complete. And from this inner-wholeness, you’ll automatically attract and create a more powerful life (genuine, whole and balanced).

Recognising and using your Masculine Energy will help to:

  • Feel balanced and supported by the Masculine within yourself (not “needy”)
  • Attract these masculine qualities in the form of a partner and life experiences
  • See and honour the men in your life in their full manifestation
  • Deepen your sense of completeness, realisation and satisfaction.

An Embodied Woman awaken to all the energies of who you are – the unique expressions of the Feminine (and the Masculine)  expressing through you, as you.


See you tomorrow x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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