Follow Your Heart Or Your Head?- Be Your Best Self – A Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
Published on November 14, 2022
published on November 14, 2022

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Hello there, and welcome back!

I will start this week by asking you a question: do you follow your heart or your head in life?




I used to think that following your heart meant being passionate, whilst following your head meant being colder and somehow cynical and calculating.

I have changed my mind now. I believe that your thoughts create your life, including your emotions. Persistent thoughts, negative or positive, become beliefs and also emotions. If you constantly think of how people have done you wrong or how badly they treated you, slowly but surely, you start believing this construct and look at other humans with a suspicious mind, expecting the worse. And also, you start feeling anger and resentment (fill in other emotions you might think are appropriate).

Don’t believe me?

OK, go and sit in a quiet place. Done? Now start to go back in time and think about the best holiday you have had; what did you do? Where were you and so on? You will see the you will start subtly smiling and feeling good, happy. Nothing had actually changed. Just what you were thinking about.

Then I’d like you to move on and start thinking about your most painful breakup. Did your partner cheat on you? Left you for someone else? Was it in person or by text? You will now see that your mood has changed, and suddenly you’re p****d off, angry. Again, nothing has changed in your present reality except your thoughts.

So I answer my own question: head first, the heart follows. And that also means you can change how you feel at any time.

Like NOW.



See you soon x


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Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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