Is Women Supporting Women A Reality Or Another Fancy Hashtag? From Your Experience – Is Sisterhood Alive Or Dead? Join The Debate…
Published on July 1, 2019
published on July 1, 2019

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Women Supporting Women is an extremely popular hashtag for women empowerment, with over 3,4 million posts just on Instagram.  However, I wonder how many women are genuinely ‘supporting’ other women when I read the news or even posts on Instagram itself. The harshest critics of women are women – the scrutinising, the judging – sometimes openly and sometimes, even worse and more insidiously, behind the back.

And then there are women who ‘support’ other women but only as “I’m with you in spirit, sister“. A bit less when it comes to action.

Why is that?

I can accept that the opportunities to progress into leadership roles are few and far between. But this can also be said for men. The higher up you go, the fewer roles there are. Furthermore, we find ourselves in a world where technology puts traditional roles and opportunities into question. And, as we continue to digitise more and more, there will be fewer and fewer roles for all.

In this climate, is the competition between women more and more fierce?

The answer perhaps can be found in our instinctive animal behaviours, which trigger the fight for survival.




Scarcity has a direct impact on human behaviour. If opportunities or resources are limited, and demand is high, genetic programming can trigger behaviours intended to give us an advantage in the battle for survival. Or those limited opportunities.

The Dominance Theory is all about preferential access to opportunities and resources over someone else, where dominance is held through competitive behaviour. The subdominant animal is critical to the relationship in this theory as it is the one that maintains the dominance relationship.

In a corporate context, we need to consider this theory. Especially what it might drive in terms of initiatives on gender balance in the workplace. Tackling behaviours is important. Together with ensuring that the supply of opportunities is sufficient so that dominance is less of an issue.

This is about the fight for survival and resources. And the supply lies at the heart of the situation. But, then again, if we suggest that women should win more roles, it somehow implies that more men need to lose. And more than ever before.

And the dominance theory would start all over again…

What about in a non-corporate environment, in day to day life? Moreover, why doesn’t this seem to apply to men (with other men) too? Or to a far lesser extent?

The time has come for women to support women – no bitching, just love. And for me, it is not just talking; it is action. The support means actual support.

It also means no harsh criticism, no putting other women down – oooh, she is soo thin…. look at those shoes… is she pregnant? She has a pouch……

STOP IT!!! Quit bitching. Start thanking and supporting…

What’s your experience? Join the debate…


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