“Breathe It All In Luxe It All Out” – Reinvention, Authenticity And A Lot Of Fun In True Woman Alchemist Style – Lorna Luxe #TheWomanAlchemist Monthly Feature
Breathe it all in Luxe it all out
Published on September 12, 2021
published on September 12, 2021

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“Breathe it all in, Luxe it all out” is the catchphrase of Lorna Luxe, #TheWomanAlchemist for this month. 

Lorna Luxe nee Lorna Andrews is an Instagram influencer with over 1.3 million followers. She was a cabin crew member travelling the world with Virgin Atlantic, then customer service for Rockett St George. And for the last few years, Instagram influencer turned fashion designer with fashion brand In The Style. Her 2020 collection became the fastest-selling edit that In The Style ever had. Ten thousand items were snapped in the first ten minutes of the collection launch.




Her incredible success as an influencer came with a lot of hard work. Don’t let the glam and designer gear fool you; being an influencer is a full-time job and Lorna spends an average of 16 hours per day on her platform connecting with her followers and producing content (lots of Instagram live, reels and some posts).

She started sharing mirror selfies of her outfits on Instagram. Like any of us, she had her insecurities. As the audience grew, so did her confidence. She succeeded by being very active in the Instagram community – both engaging on her page and on those she followed (aka commitment and work).
However, there was a moment where she started looking at her Instagram feed and felt she wasn’t standing out in the crowd. She started taking photos with a proper camera instead of her iPhone, darker and a more realistic backdrop, using a single unifying filter.
That was the game-changer that and the beginning of the Lorna we know.

Lorna collaborates with many brands now and so much of her content is about creating something to share a message or showcase a designer specifically. Her latest brand collabs are with makeup brand MAC and trichologist Philip Kingsley. She stays true to herself by only choosing brands/products that she would buy herself.

She spends a lot of time meeting with PR’s, networking and attending launches. Plus, she keeps up to date with new trends with reading.

Additionally, her love for travelling is palpable and very documented (“My aspiration in life has always been to make vacations a legit profession”, she once said).




Why did I choose to write about Lorna this month?

Well firstly, she is running a successful business – yes, make no mistake, being an influencer at this level is a business. Not just a show.

Secondly, I like how she choose a vehicle for each stage of her life and was not afraid to reinvent/adjust without limitations. Whilst having fun.

Finally, I love how open she is in her content. Open about her fake tan, the hair loss, her history/struggle with an eating disorder, her stretch marks (heck she is even honest about not shaving her legs sometimes 😉 ).

She is authentic and honest. Not afraid to show what’s behind the curtain of the glam parties, the designer outfits and the photos. Vulnerable but strong. And by sharing her story, her struggle, she is saying it is ok – everyone is going through one thing or another.

Women need to see other women who have succeeded and what’s behind the success.

So if you need to, reinvent yourself, test what works in true #TheWomanAlchemist style and then go for it. 

Breathe it all in Luxe it all out. And again ….


See you soon x


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