Fashion has no age because no woman is invisible or irrelevant
Fashion has no age
Published on July 3, 2017
published on July 3, 2017

ThePeopleAlchemist Fashion Edit: an interview with Jacynth Bassett of


My blog was born after I found little lifestyle blogs for the modern-day business owner/entrepreneur wanting all things food, Fashion and lifestyle that ties in with their unique lifestyle whilst showcasing the very best of British. I strongly believe in empowering and strengthening businesses through a healthy work and personal life—the power of people, places and things to do – especially women in business.

My Woman Alchemist Feature Monthly blog is my thank you to women that have inspired me ( and I hope they would inspire other women too). Women empowering women is a powerful message.

I love finding other women who believe the same, and when I met Jacynth, the Founder of ( some of my blogs were featured there), I knew I had to interview her and share her message. Plus, it allows me to talk about Fashion which I love.

So welcome to my first Fashion Edit series addressing style at any age.




If you don’t know her, Jacynth Bassett, a Law Graduate from Cambridge University. She is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. Contributing author for the internationally published book “Having It All After 50”. Weekly Style Advisor for one of the largest 45+ female forums: The Menopause Room.  ViewVo accredited ‘Expert Mentor’ – as Seen In The Sunday Times. A regular speaker on panels and podcasts discussing ageism in Fashion and being a female entrepreneur.  And recognised as changing the face of the Fashion Industry by Branding Magazine.




Q: Hi Jacynth, thanks for agreeing to interview; to start with telling us how you went from an academic background in law to Fashion and founding The-Bias-Cut?

A: No problem; I grew more and more saddened by my mum’s frustrations. Her ever-lasting love for style was constantly being squashed by the dowdy/frumpy/boring/unflattering designs now typically targeting her and women her age. It was a constant struggle to find beautiful, quality garments she would love to wear.

So in 2015, I launched my blog – for women who know age shouldn’t limit style – offering style tips, inspiration, interviews with dynamic women, and discussion on age prejudice within the Fashion Industry. I hoped it would go well but was overwhelmed by the resoundingly positive response from readers echoing the same sentiments as my mum. From there,, as it is today, was born: Shopping With Attitude – Where Ageism Is Never In Style.

Q: What is your and the-Bias-Cut philosophy?

A: We believe that every woman should be able to find those exceptional pieces that truly celebrate the best version of herself today. So we curate limited collections featuring designs by some of today’s most highly talented contemporary labels & designers. Always with women in mind.

Every piece we select is of exceptional quality, flattering in cut, modern & stylish. Yet won’t date.
Plus, all our designs are modelled by women of different heights, shapes and sizes. Because we believe every woman is beautiful.




Q: Is it true that your models are ‘real’ women?

A: Indeed, our models are just regular women with very little to no prior modelling experience. They are our friends and/or customers. And they are all different ages, shapes, heights and sizes.
We don’t believe there’s on perfect body shape. Every woman is different and equally beautiful for it. And we want to celebrate that.

Q: You are becoming recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts and pioneers of believing in style at any age. Tell me more about the collections.

A: Our eclectic collections reflect our in-depth understanding of different women’s bodies and shapes. As well as cut and fabrics with a contemporary eye. Our pieces have been featured in Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, Stylist Magazine, Stella Magazine and many other leading fashion publications. Ultimately our aim isn’t just to curate beautiful collections. It is to cut through ageism in Fashion once and for all.


Q: How do you curate your collections?

A: The first thing we do is always find out from designers and labels where their products are made and where their fabrics are sourced from. The next step is to only work with independent designers who genuinely care about their products and women. We aren’t interested in brands that want to make a quick buck. We want designers who are deeply passionate about their craftsmanship. So it’s not been unheard of for designers to contact me to tell me they’re changing the fabric or manufacturer of a particular design because they won’t accept anything less than the best.

Conversely, when meeting designers and agents, they were shocked at my studying the fabric composition of the garments. To me, that says one thing: they don’t care about quality. So I know straight away they aren’t suitable for
And we only work with designers who uphold ethical standards. So in the case of Claudia Meller, for example, not only are her stunning wool scarves Made In Britain, all wool used is cruelty-free.





Q: Once a label has passed the initial hurdles, how do you select the particular garments for your collections?

A: When it comes to style, we select modern pieces but still won’t date in years to come. Plus, everything we choose has to be highly wearable and versatile. As a result, we’re very proud that the pieces we sell have since been featured in Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Stylist and more.

We also work closely with the designers to ensure we pick pieces that will work on different figures. So, as our models prove, you don’t have to be super tall and slim to look great in our collections. Sometimes we add a sleeve here or change the colour there. Always with women in mind.




Q: What about the quality, though?

A: We pride ourselves on our deep and up-to-date understanding of fabrics. From naturals to synthetics, we understand the good from the bad and why one fabric might (or might not be) the right choice for a particular garment. Therefore, we won’t include that piece if we don’t believe the correct fabric has been chosen for the purpose. No matter how great it looks. Because to us, practicality is just as important as how it looks.

Of course, with quality comes a cost. So we make sure that everything we choose is of a price that reasonably represents the artisan skill, design, and love in each garment. If we think it’s overpriced, we won’t sell it. And that’s also where the versatility aspect comes in. We want women to have a high cost per wear.

We have also started a ‘Fabrics Up-Close’ series – so that our customers can stay abreast of all the technological advancements with fabrics. And understand why particular ones may have been chosen.
Plus, if you scroll down on every product page, there is a review section so you can read what other style lovers have thought about our pieces.

Sounds fab, non? Do you want to know more? Of course, you do…. see you tomorrow then for more fashion has no age insights from Jacynth.



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Laura Mariani

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