STOP IT- Is it all in your head? 
Is it all in your head?
Published on September 4, 2018
published on September 4, 2018

“STOP IT! It’s all in your head” – Smash Your Ceiling to Smash That Ceiling – Women Inspiring Women


There have been many debates, articles, directives, and initiatives around/for women in leadership, especially representation in the boardroom. Still, the killer question for me has always been: Is It All In Our Head?

As it is almost the anniversary of the publication of my book, I have been reflecting and reviewing this concept.

Many women have inspired me, both in the past and in the present and, throughout my life,  I have looked up to them as examples, beacons of what is possible to achieve if you are really determined.

These women were/are not perfect by any means. But they lived their life on their own terms, and I am who I am today because of them:


These women all had the same in common: mindset.



Despite their circumstances, adversities, societal/family/religious paradigms, their mindset set them apart. So writing about them was the beginning of my journey into finding real women alchemist. And helping+empowering women everywhere to Smash their own ceiling – the one in their head.”You have to be open to using your gift/s, to embrace the opportunities and change your life” – Steve Harvey – Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success.I’m passionate about inspiring/empowering/helping women make the most of their circumstances with the available tools and grab the opportunities that life presents – without using excuses of why they can’t. I was lucky during this journey to meet and interview many women alchemist out there. You might have read some of them already via my business blog (Natasha Makhijani, Rachel Dipper, Jackie Smithen, Emmajane Taylor-Moran,  Karen Green, Liz Ward, Ela Slutsky & Galit Bauer, to name just a few).

I wanted to contribute, encourage and help other women in their pursuit of what they want, whatever that might happen to be ( CEO of a multinational, selfpreneur or stay at home mum ) and being happy about it because that was their choice and not what was expected of them and this inspired me to write my book.

Grab a copy, I hope you’ll like it, and most importantly, I hope you’ll find it useful in spurring you into taking action.
For Yourself, Because You Want To.

With love

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Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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